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Quality products at highest standard to competitive price.

Our Goals

We design and manufacture inert and exhaust gas systems to serve the evolving environmental, technical and regulatory needs of the maritime industry. We aim to anchor our business within this dynamic demand environment to create leading products that deliver exceptional technical and operational value to our customers. Feen marine have a real contribution to make towards enabling the maritime sector to meet the demands of the future.

Our Experience

Feen Marine harnesses 20 years of experience in manufacturing, servicing and commissioning inert and exhaust gas handling systems”

The knowledge acquired through working with gas systems started in 1997 with IG systems, and IGG scrubbers. Our expertise in Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems has evolved out of this knowledge as we constantly developed products that meet the evolving needs of the customer and regulatory environment.

We are recognised as the ‘go-to’ competence in inert and exhaust gas systems.

Our Difference

Long Term

Our long experience is matched only by our far-sighted approach to constantly innovating and developing gas systems to meet the environmental, regulatory and operating needs of the future.


We aim to produce products that are flexible to meet various requirement of ship types, achieved through simplicity in design, use of the naturally available resources, and possessing a clear understanding of the needs of on board working practices.

In House

We manage our company and produce our products at a single site facility, connecting ownership, management and production in one location.


Long established track record bringing together our experience in exhaust gas handling with strong customer loyalty and confidence in our established brand.

Why choose us?

Practical solutions to meet the emissions challenges of the future

Sailing Vessels



Years Of Experiences




Vessel Sailing


Our Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems deliver an optimal solution for reducing the sulphur content of ship emissions

Quality Materials

High quality material sourced from leading European and US suppliers (SMO-254)

Allstream Design

Single scrubber for all exhaust from main engine, auxiliary engines and boilers

Quality Systems

Production in accordance with ISO standards


Norwegian design team supported by an in house developed production team


No "moving parts" or critical process parameter to control

Flexible Design

EGCS units tailored to all vessel sizes with open, closed and hybrid versions suitable for newbuilding or retrofits

User friendly

Operation aligned to reducing complexity and crew intervention


Flexibility to achieve 0.5% or 0.1% Sulphur elimination during operation

Our Product

Engineering Manufacturing company of Inert Gas Generators/Nitrogen Generators and Exhaust Gas scrubbers.


New Design Scrubber with unique benefits compared to old design

Exhaust Gas Scrubbers

Feen Marine exhaust gas cleaning technology is an economical reliable and environmentally friendly solution for meet all existing and future SOx emission regulations. More than 60 systems delivered and 25 in operation.

Nitrogen Generators

We offer Membrane & PSA Nitrogen generator system with capacity range from 50 - 20 000 Nm3/h

Inert Gas Systems

Inert Gas Generator and Flue gas systems for Tankers. Capacity from 500 - 30 000 Nm3/h

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